Who are we?

We are a brand new independent publisher of spoken-word audio... and we have big ambitions!

Our mission is to offer Italian-speaking audiences exceptional, transporting audio.

Once upon a time...

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Fabler was founded in 2020 by Carlotta Brentan, an Italian stage, screen and voice actress and producer who has called New York home for the past decade. A life-long bookworm - and award-winning audiobook narrator for top American publishers - Carlotta launched Fabler to combine her acting and producing experience - and her obsession with books! - to bring an American flair to Italian-speaking audiobook listeners.

We have strong opinions about what we love in audiobook narration, so we thought we’d take a little more space to tell you about them. Here are Fabler, we love books. We love reading them, and we especially love listening to them. As you listen to an actor interpret the words the author crafted for you, their complementary skills combine to bring the story to life in a multi-dimensional, immersive way. This is thrilling and also, a big responsibility.

Fabler narrators are first and foremost devoted to honoring the author’s intention and breathing genuine life into their stories. They do so through a specific narrating style: natural, simple, dynamic. Devoid of formal stylistic devices or pretension. Fully present and alive in the immediacy of the action. Embodying the most disparate characters in the naturalistic and psychologically believable way that is a signature train of American approaches to acting.

Our mission

Audio Wave

Fabler’s mission is to offer Italian-speaking audiences exceptional, transporting audio.

In order to do so, we follow these guiding principles:



To propose international authors and titles in Young Adult fiction, Literary fiction, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Romance.



Working with with exciting, award-winning Italian actors, all of whom undergo a custom Fabler training with legendary American audio pros.



We attentively curate audio production of the highest standard down to each meticulously crafted step.

Our method

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Producing riveting audiobooks requires unique expertise, and a whole team of professionals all working at the highest level.

This is what we always do:

We read every single word

All our audiobooks are entirely unabridged; you’re getting the full book, not a word less, not a word more.

We collaborate with our authors!

At Fabler, we work closely with the author on casting, creative approach, character creation…

We hand-select our narrators

All of our narrators are experienced actors which we hand-select based on their transporting talent

We invest in our narrators' development

We invest in custom Fabler training to ensure they’re delivering addictive, thrilling audio each and every time.

We honor the text in a faithful, dynamic and immediate way

We are committed first of all to animate the works in an authentic way, through a natural narrative style focused on the emotional reality of each moment.

We partner with the best in audio production!

We partner with industry-leading, Grammy-winning New York City production studios to record, edit and deliver our exceptional audio.


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Lisa John

Carlotta Brentan

Founder, Creative Director & Narrator

Cartherin Forres

Andrea Brentan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Cartherin Forres

Irene Turri


Jane Doe

Francesco Andolfi


Cartherin Forres

Fulvio Della Volta


Cartherin Forres

Danilo Ottaviani


Cartherin Forres

Alice Lussiana Parente


Cartherin Forres

Caterina Nonis


Cartherin Forres

Francesco Meola


Cartherin Forres

Benedetta Brentan

Art Director

Cartherin Forres

Nicolò Brentan

Digital Director

Cartherin Forres

Elena Montagna

Senior Editor


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