Purchasing content

If you have a more specific question about purchasing our audio content, do not hesitate to write to us via the appropriate contact form.

Fabler content is distributed digitally via MP3 or M4A files that can be easily listened to on users' favorite audio devices or players. Learn more about how to best listen to audiobooks here .

Once you have completed the purchase of one or more audiobooks, a link for each audiobook will be displayed on the order confirmation page from which you can download the MP3 / M4A files. These same links will also be sent to the e-mail address indicated when placing the order.

There is no time limit or maximum number of plays after purchasing a Fabler Audio audiobook. You can download the file on the devices you want to listen from and listen to the content as and when you want.

It is not necessary to create a user account to place an order. However, Fabler recommends creating a user account in order to view the order history, have quick access to the links to download the purchased contents and be able to manage the privacy settings and the processing of your data.

Returns and Refunds

Due to the digital nature of the product which, once downloaded, does not allow the return of the product itself, the user has neither the right to return nor to receive a refund for the purchased content.

For each Fabler Audio content there is the possibility to listen to a sample preview - from 1 to 5 minutes long - by pressing ▶ on the audio player on the product page.

In case of difficulty in listening to the purchased audio contents we recommend reading the advice we give on this page or, if you think there is a problem in the file itself, contact us via this form .

If the user, by mistake, purchases the same content several times, he will have the right - after filing a complaint as indicated in our Terms and Conditions - to reimbursement of subsequent purchases, subject to approval by Fabler Audio.