Listening guide

At Fabler Audio, we care a lot about audiobooks, but we care about our listeners as well!

We are not only committed to producing exceptional audio content, but also to making our content more easily accessible for listeners.

We firmly believe that once you purchase an audiobook you have the right to listen to it where and when you want , from any device and player you prefer.

Therefore, any content sold directly by Fabler Audio is "DRM-free" and is distributed in standard digital formats - MP3 or M4A - that the customer can consume as preferred.

Audio Wave



Audio Wave



Audio Wave

As previously stated, we want our listeners to be free to listen to their content however they like - whether it's on their smartphone, their car's multimedia system or, why not, an old iPod.

However, there are many advanced features that can make the audiobook listening experience even easier and more enjoyable , including:

    - Automatic bookmarks: so you never miss the spot at which you left off
    - Sleep timer: to pause playback after a pre-set amount of time
    - Speed control: to tailor the playback speed to one's taste

For these and other advanced features we recommend the following free players:

Voice Audiobook Player

This free app for Android devices offers all the most important features for audiobook enthusiasts, with a modern and intuitive interface

Play Store


BookPlayer is a completely free app for all iOS devices. The app is very popular and well reviewed thanks to its various advanced features, useful for listening to audiobooks

App Store


eStories offers its applications for free for both Android smartphones and iOS devices. In addition to being able to buy audiobooks from their catalog, the apps allow you to import and listen to MP3 and M4A files