Il Regno Degli Inganni (The Red Harlequin Volume 2)

Il Regno Degli Inganni (The Red Harlequin Volume 2)

The Red Harlequin

Volume 4

Written by

Roberto Ricci

Narrated by

Francesco Meola

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Audio Wave

In Book Four, the war to end all wars has begun...

Chromes of different colors need to unite and overcome their differences. In the meantime, the love between Asheva and Cestia is put to the test and the outcome is anything but certain.

Life, death, color, friendship, freedom... They all merge into a new, breathtaking journey into the territories, where a new dawn has just begun!

Type Audiobook
Language Italian
Format M4A
Audio Wave

About the author

Roberto Ricci

Roberto Ricci is a fiction novel, short story and screenplay writer.

During his long and varied career Roberto has worked as a journalist, been an officer in the Italian Army and a Senior Executive at Rainbow, a leading children's entertainment company. He has lived in Tokyo, New York, Rome, Milan, Paris, and London and attended NYU and the European Business School.


The Red Harlequin

In a world where everyone wears masks, the color you belong to determines your life and death... Except for strange creatures called Harlequins...
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